Speech Moves provides multi-sensory speech, language and literacy programs tailored to help your child communicate effectively.


We offer comprehensive speech and language assessments for children from 2-18 years of age.

Professional Development

We offer workshops for Early Childhood educators on school readiness, Autism Spectrum Disorder, pragmatic language and more.

Quick Screeners

We can visit your pre-school or school to conduct brief, individual screening assessments on children’s speech sounds and language skills.

Equipping Families

So much of a child’s learning happens at home with their family. Knowing this, we work with parents and carers to give them the skills and knowledge they need to maximise their child’s communication in everyday situations, long after intervention has finished. Our evidence-based multi sensory programs are therapeutically fun.


We individualise the assessment process according to the areas where your child has difficulty, their age, ability to process tasks, and the purpose of testing are all considered.

Assessments typically take between 60-90 minutes. As part of the assessment the speech pathologist may:

  • Record a detailed history from parents/carers
  • Gather other reports/documentation (hearing test results, other health reports)
  • Evaluate the child’s area of concern through assessment and observation

We aim to make kids feel comfortable and supported in the assessment environment and parents are encouraged to attend all sessions. Families will receive a detailed report of their child’s assessment results which identifies strengths, weakness and goals for therapy.

speech therapy

We design functional, achievable goals for our clients in consultation with families. Therapy sessions are planned to be both fun and challenging.

Speech therapy can occur in our clinic, your home, pre-school or school environment at a pre-arranged convenient time. We offer 45 minute or 1 hour sessions, and the number, frequency and length of visits vary for each client.

Our family-centred, evidence-based programs maximise the best possible outcomes for our clients and give parents the skills they need to maximise their child’s progress in everyday situations.

Speech Moves incorporates a strengths-based, multidisciplinary approach to intervention. Goals are created in consultation with families to create functional, achievable goals. Homework programs are provided to maintain and extend your child’s progress outside the clinic.

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